Jul 6, 2013

Shopping list!

Hello everyone, how you've been?

I have a lot of free time, like a lot, and this is not good, cause I start to think about everything, like my friends, my family, school, and even things that happened like 10 years ago, and I don't even know what's the point of thinking about everything, anyway I need something productive to do... Meanwhile, here's a list of thing I want/need to buy when I get my scholarship money:

Shopping list!

1. I need a new bedding set, I want a floral one or something cute, cause why not?, also I need a new shower curtain.

2. Dog food, for Luna of course, and a new collar,and a haircut, her hair is out of control.

3. An organizer, I have one hanging at the back of my door, but I want another similar to the picture.

4. This means I need to go to the doctor, not really a shopping thing but yeah

5. A good black bag that I can match with everything, and a messenger bag for days off, and a new purse or wallet or whatever you call it.

6. A good pair of black heels, black boots(I saw some on sale, yes!), and a good pair of sandals.

7. A present for my boyfriend! his birthday is on august, but I must buy him something before I forget and I spent all the money.

So there's my list, I have a whislist for my birthday, I'll post it later, but I'm pretty sure no one will get me nothing hahaha

Have a lovely weekend! x.

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  1. I need to get a good organiser for my makeup too, the one above looks so nice, but I think acrylic makeup storage is more practical. They always have nice ones on eBay, if you don't want to splurge on muji storage!

    lovely post!

    leigh xx | imleighbeauty.com