May 1, 2013

Hello May!

Hi lovelies! It's the first day of May so yay! this for me means that I have 2 months left of university and then I must prepare myself to get a propper job and probably move out from my mom's house (FINALLY) I really hope I get the intership I want. 

On other news, over here in México is already spring, and in my hometown the weather is just too much, I feel like I'm melting right now, and everyday after school, and I can't drink cold beverages cause I get sick, and why? why global warming? I'm so sorry for everything but please stop. The thing is that at uni we spent a lot of time at the lab, or working with fruits, meat or vegetables, so we can't wear shorts, skirts or sandals, so despite the weather we must wear jeans, and tennis or boots, I've seen some girls wear sandasl but I just don't feel comfortable cause I get my feet wet all the time while cleaning the lab or washing so yeah...
BUT still here are a few things that I'll like to wear or buy for this spring/summer season :)

 I'm finally catching up with all my uni works, today I did a presentation and it looked so good! and yesterday I updated my student insurance papers, and tomorrow I'm planning on asking for some info about a couple of companies, so yay for me! Also over the weekend I cleaned up my closet, so I'm thinking about doing a post about that, but in case it takes me too long you can check this post from Isabella that inspired me to do something similar ith my closet, some really good and clear tips, obviously mine doesn't look the same but still looks so much better than before!

That's it, have a great week! x.

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