Apr 26, 2013

Insta Update #2

Hi everyone! how you been? I hope you had a lovely week! mine was good compared to the last one but for some reason I don't get why I got so behind at uni work, like I didn't do 2 assingments, and I hadn't finished a ppt presetation about a product we made, and damn I just need to stop procrastinating so much, but I don't know how, so if you have any advice to stay focused and get your stuff done in time I'll really appreciate it, but I don't kno if anyone actually reads this so...

Anyway! here's a weekly update of things I took pictures over the week :), some are from instagram and some other from my camera.

Healthy kiwi and apple snack | Luna being cute! I used an app for that | Mango and chile snack! yumm I love mango | Trying on this lovely dress | Catching up with school work and accounting work | 
| Terrible outfint pic |

Saturday outfit: Zara heart printed jumpsuit | HK vans , I skipped my english class las saturday, I was feeling really sick.

Make up products I usually wera, the mascara and eyeshadow not everyday since I can't wear make up when we go to the lab.

My mom gave me this lovely set of make up bags! they're 5 actually.

This mascara and lash extensions are the best, I've been using them for a while and it really makes my eye lashes look longer.

I went shopping with my mom, I wasn't planning on buying anything since I'm saving money, but she saw my face and she treated me this time, so thanks mom!

My mom bought this lime yello cardi at Zara, but it didn't fit her so she gave it to me, so yay for me and yellow clothing.

Also what's the deal with this? I couldn't change the position of the pictures, so weird, anyway...
I've noticed I spent too much time over the internet doing nothing, and I wanna change that, cause is really affecting my daily life and tasks.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! x.

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