May 6, 2013

Music Monday.

Hello everyone! I know I said I'l be updating until wednesday BUT today we had a day off for the 5 de Mayo anniversary, to be honest here in México we don't really make a big deal out of it like in the U.S. which is weird, but my english teacher told me that they make a big deal cause the french invaded México instead of the U.S. so there you go... 

 I've been very productive today, I printed out some calendars so I can plan everything for my finals, also I wrote everything I need to do on my organizer, and I cleaned and now I'm about to study,also I'm preparing a planning/organizing post, I've seen several and I'll just do my take on the subject!

OH I'll leave you with a couple of playlist that helped me to concentrate last week, also 8tracks is a rellay good place  to find new music and well make your own playlists.

Anyway, have a lovely monday x

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