May 8, 2013

Life: Organizing and getting your stuff together.

Hello everyone!
This time I'll talk about organizing and basically getting your s**t together, and be ready to face the end of semester. I've seen some really good post about this matter in several blogs like these ones from Stefanie, or these articles from Rookie , so I'll just do my take on the subject. I'm preparing for 2 months of papers, exams, lab practices, and interviews for interships, so I must begin to keep myself on track and organized so I won't forget anything like I always do, this is really hard if like me, you forget to write down due dates, exam dates, doctor appointments, birthdays and well everything, I mean the other day I couldn't remember my boyfriend's birthday, and that's just sad.

So let's begin!.
1. Try to write down everything important, exam dates, laboratory days, due dates. EVERYTHING. For this my friends I recomend you to get a dayly planner, or a cute notebook, cause that way you'll feel motivated to write in it, and to check it out later.

2. For some people write it down may be enough, but for is not, so I write it on timetables or calendar sheets, I did mine on Office Publisher, is quite easy, you can change the font color and add pictures so you can personalize it as much as you want, then tape it on a visble place, like your wall, closet, notebook.

3. If you have a smartphone, tablet, or any kind of techonology where you can download apps, then there's another worl of possibilities, I've read that EverNote is really good, and you can have it on your phone and computer, usually  phones already include a calendar app, but there some like colornote or clip note so you can do lists, or set alarms, or anything... 

4. Clear your computer, yesterday I deleted tons of papers from 4 years ago, my recomendation is to only keep the ones that you think could be useful, otherwise just delet it, for example I kept some pdf files that some teachers sent and that was it.

5. Same goes for printed papers, or exams, or notes, you can recycle them or take them to the nearest recycling center.

6. If you keep a lot of your papers on you USB, try to make folders for each subject, cause if you don't, you may get lost on 1000 files, also try to do de same on your computer, it'll make things easier.

7. Now. I'm the first one to admit that I'm a very messy person, but when it comes to my uni notes, damn I can be very neat, now I know is really hard to write down everything so don't even try, here's what I've learnt of 4 years of taking notes:

  • Write only the most important things, you can tell by the voice tone the teacher uses.
  • If the teachers says "Pay attention this might be on the exam" Damn right you need to write it down, after the explination.
  • If the teacher uses Power Point or any kind of presentations, even if he says he'll send it later, TAKE NOTES, cause let's face it, we all get lazy, and hardly ever check those presentations outside of class.
  • If they're doing a presentation, just take notes when the teacher explains something about an specific slide.
  • If you fancy, you can use different pen colors for titles, subtitles, bullet points, and whatever

8. For Exams I don't really have good tips, cause I found that when I pay attention on teorical subjects, it stays on my mind, and when I took math, phisycs,biochemistry, chemistry, and that kind of subjects I used to practice a lot, so do exercises, and may be you should start studying these subjects like 3 weeks before?

9. If you're on exams already, please try to sleep properly, eat healthier, cause if you get sick then things get a lot worse. Also if you feel like you really can't deliver some papers and you're not sleeping or eating, and you're feeling weird, please ask for an extension, I'm sure your teachers will understead, remember at the end of the day what is really important is how you feel not a grade on a paper.

I think this is it, this is pretty much what I do, is very hard to be organized, BUT it has really good rewards like you may have more time to spend with your friends, also reward yourself when you're done with a very hard task!I got too excited using this page Picmonkey haha I hope you find this useful, and have a lovely week everyone! x

PS. if something is not written properly, please let me know, I'm still studying english. 


  1. Great tips! I have my whole life organised in my iPhone!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

    1. yes, phones are great for organizing, but I forget my phone very often at home so I try to write everything down :)

  2. I love organizing on my phone! I think it's really hard to bring the notebook out sometimes but when I get the chance I always do :)

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