Apr 20, 2013

Take a chance.

Hi everyone! how was your week? I hope better than mine!.... I didn't had a really good week, I got sick AGAIN and is just so annoying, my mom told me and she's propably right, that since I got my dog I've been getting sick more often, I already knew I was kinda of allergic, cause sometimes when I hold her too much time I start to feel my nose all weird and my eyes get teary so she's rigth, I told my boyfrien if he could find a place for her,and he said he would ask his sisters (he has 6 sisters) lol meanwhile his mom said she could take care of my dog,so I guess that's good news.

Oh yesterday at uni we had this conferences about how to get a job, or how our attitud must be in order to have a better chance with our potential boss,and blah blah it was a bit boring, the only good thing I got out of it was this comment our teacher said about how we have to be more daring, and step out of our comfort zone,and search for new things, and take risks even if we're too scared or something, and she's right, I'm too scared of being rejected in an outside company, that I'm not even brave enough to send an email asking if they need interns or something, I'm even scared of wearing new clothes, I bought lots of new pretty stuff but at the end  I'm afraid that people will criticizes me, I'm scared of being more open with my friends and even with my boyfriend, and I'm tired of being like that. So here's a list of things I've never done,and I'll try to do from now on:

  • Try to wear a different/new piece of clothing every day
  • Ignore bad comments
  • Avoid making bad comments!
  • Express my love for my friends and boyfriend
  • Not bottle up my feelings
  • Eat more  healthy and pay more attention to myself
  • Send emails to every company I found interesting
  • Send emails to universities where I can get a M.C degree
  • Save more money so I can go to the beach
  • Partcipate a bit more at classes, sometimes I know things but I never say anything
  • Blog more
  • Try new food
  • Try new things like riding a motorcycle and go hiking
  • Exercise every third day at least
  • and I don't know anything else that scares me

So, what are some things you have never tried and you really want to but for some reason you haven't?

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