Apr 16, 2013

Insta Update.

Finally my dog got a haircut-Doc Martens all day-Arizona Raspberry/Lemonade Ice Tea might be the best thing ever-Blackberries on sunday- Brownies with my boy-Painted my nails with this lovely color.

Wow I'm actually posting a week later so I guess this is progress. Things at uni are kinda chill right now, but I'm pretty sure the teachers are waiting to last moment to leave us tons of work, I just know it. Anyway amm las week we went to visit tomatoes and peppers greenhouses. Also I rode all the way from my house to my english class,damn my legs hurt so bad, also the teacher wants us to investigate a subject and talk about next class,I haven't chosen my topic yet,and he wants us to talk for about 15 min straight in english,which makes me so nervous. 

OH! I finally opened my bank account! yes I'm saving money for june so I can go to the beach with my classmates,so I'm selling some stuff, I'm doing some accounting work for my mom, and trying not to spent much money at school.so hopefully I can reach my goal for june! :)

I'm planning on doing some reviews, I've seen a lot of girls doing it,but I don't have any high brands make up, I live in a very small city, and I haver never ever seen a Mac product or anything similar, however I do own some stuff frum Maybelline and Revlon, and some mexican brands so I'll review what I have and that's it :), I hope you all have a lovely week :).

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