Oct 20, 2014


Hello! is there someone still reading this? haha I've been away for so long, my job is quite time consuming so I haven't blogged or take any proper pictures of anything, but I need an outlet cause I'm under a lot of stress lately so I'll use this tiny space on the internet to release all the tension... Anyway here are some things that inspire me lately, some blogs,vloggers, music and books! :)
I'm in love of this blog! She's a mexican blogger and she seems so cool and I love her style and I find a lot of inspiration in her posts!

Yuya! she's another mexican vlogger, and I love her videos about make up, hair and food! 

Benshorts! Okay I'll admit I have a huge crush on this guy, yes he's another mexican vlogger, and I really like his videos about traveling, and all the places he has been, and honestly I'm quite jealous, but I hope one day I can travel all around the world too.

Music: Lately I've been listening a lot of Carla Morrison, at first I wasn't really into her voice, but then I started to like her, and I found myself feeling very related to her lyrics.

Coeur de pirate, I just love her voice, and how calm she sounds, and I just love her, and you all need to listen to her.

Childish Gambino, I know it doesn'thave anything to do with the other two recommendations but I like his music, also I enjoy playing him and Kanye West out loud in my car.

And this is it pretty much, what inspires me lately, I've been thinking about staring to take pictures again and painting like I used to a few years ago. 

I hope you're all well! x.

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