Aug 2, 2013

Summer haul part I: Make up.


I read a lot of different blogs, but all of them seem to have this in common,and something that I really like are the "Haul" posts,I just love seeing what other people buys, and sometimes you realize you have the same item, and it's like you're connected but not really? sorry that was weird... now to be honest I had to google the meaning of haul,cause I'm still learning english and I've never heard that word before, haha anyway now I know what it means and now here's my first haul post, which includes some make up, shoes, and clothes, to be honest I think these haul post will be very sporadicly cause I tend to buy lots of things during the summer cause umm SALES and over the winter so...anyway here it is.

So this first part is about make up, some of these product are from local brands so that's probably why you haven't even heard of them...

 Skin care: Facial Gel AXL and this wonderful face scrub are saving my skin right now!

 Face: the Pure Make up Maybelline foundation, which isn't that great, and this Asepxia creamy foundation that my mom got me, it works pretty well actually (doesn't clog your pores).

Mascaras: My favorite mascara of all time is the Colossal Volume express waterproof from Maybelline, it makes my lashes look so good, and these is the 3 time I purchase it, BUT is so hard to remove :(, and these other cheap mascaras, haha which are good actually and easy to remove, I use the Maybelline one when I go out but for every day make up I recommend a lighter mascara.

Eye liners: I bought these 4 on a 2x4 offer on a local store, they're from maybellin and are quite good actually, and well is a change from the usual black or brown eye liner, also very cheap like $20 mxn, which is like $2 usd or less

And this Renova HD liquid liner, I got this so I can properly try on some cat eye action haha in is pretty good.

Lips: I got these 2 lipglos, firts I thought they were like colour lipgloss, but the color is very light, but they have something that makes your lips ich and suddendly you have bigger lips haha lip pumper i think?

AND my favorites right now, these Maybelline lipsticks, so creamy, and such a good pigmentation, and don't leave you with a dry effect or something.

I know all of these are drug store products, but in the place where I livee there are not brands like MAC or Sephora, so I have to get what I can, and also I just recently started to use make up, yeah at 22 I started, but anyway, I hope you like the post, the next part is all about clothes!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
Take care x.


  1. what an awesome haul! i really want to try the maybelline colossal mascara! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. oh hiiii! you should try it, it makes a difference if you have tiny lashes like i do haha

  3. I haven't tried any of these products but I'll have to look out for the Maybelline foundation - looks great! You have sucha pretty blog!
    Rachael x
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