Jul 31, 2013

Inspiration. #2

Hi, how is everyone? I hope good. This is the second time I'm doing this inspiration post, and the reason I'm doing it,it's cause I genuilly feel inspire, I've been trough a really rough patch, I've been doubting myself about my career choice, about why I didn't got the internship, I've been hiding in my room everyday, drowning in self pity, I don't wanna say I've been depressed, cause that's a clinical condition which I think is not my case, I just have a terrible case of self pity, you know? but I've realized that is completly normal, most of us go trough these weird cycles in our lifes, but it's okay, the thing here is that you have to look things on a differtent way, you know? yesterday I read this piece "What to do when you don't get your dream job?" on Hello Giggles, and I finally got it, is not really my fault, or my boyfriend's fault this whole internship thing, ultimately, the people who interview us had the last call, they decided, and maybe is cause there's something better out there for me while I'm here drowning in sadness and self pity, but I'm ready to move on and start over again, I'm re-writting my resume, I'm practicing and thinking about possible questions and answers for interviews, I'm researching what are my options and finally leaving my room (after this post of course). So, I just wanted to say that if you feel like this sometimes, is okay, you'll come trough it, but also if you feel like there's no way you can recover, talk to your family and try to get some professional help.

Tyra Banks Facebook page is the best, she posted these and I thought, well damn it, if TyTy is saying it then is probably true. Also she's the fiercest gal around so yeah.

Nicki Minaj, this is not a quote I think, but she's a bad ass women, she speaks her mind, and well doesn't give a fuck.

I found these on tumblr, and I liked it, so have a dream and make it real dudes.

This gal, Nicole Loher, I follow her blog on tumblr(the pic links you),she's younger than me,she's at NY making her way into fashion world, she seems so focus and she truly is an inspiration.

I like E.E.Cummings poems, and this tiny part, means a lot, growing up is hard, confusing and scary, so it reall does take courage to be the person YOU want to be.

Self explainatory, if someone close is not letting you grow or feel good about yourself, don't keep them around.
Well, like damn, if Beyonce is out there being bad ass,well so can I.

True fact.

Very hard sometimes, but try to.

Uh okay, if Eminem says it, then yeah...

And well there's not inspirational post without Kanye, like you know it, right? 

I know some people say, uh but these people are famous,uh is easier for them, but it wasn't always easy, and to me at least I find inspiration in them, obviously I can't sing like Beyonce or rap like Kanye, but I definetly can be the best at my own thing, at my own life...

So tell me, what kind of things or people inspires you?

Take care. x.

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