Jul 21, 2013

Insta Update! week #10 - #14


I'm so behind at these instagram update post, I just can't find enough inspiration to come and write a post, yesterday(saturday) was my birthday! now I'm 23, I feel so adult now...not really to be honest, growing up is scary, really scary, I'm trying my best, but things aren't going the way I was hoping, I didn't get the internship I wanted, and I've been fighting with my boyfriend because of that, I try to stay positive but sometimes is really hard, anyway I really hope things get better and I can stop feeling like I know nothing about anything. 
Oh here are some cool pictures... haha

| A fun edit of Luna | Packing for Vallarta | Denim overalls | Cheesy picture | Pool day | Cat ears (I couldn't resist) | Some make up | I made burgers from scratch | Salads | Torta! | A postcard from Vallarta | I rediscovered this pink converse | Granola with everything | Lipgloss | I tried to ombre my hair | Luna is the cutest | Spinach forever | Not as Ombre as I wanted | Ankle boots | Heels from hell(love them but I don't know what I was thinking) | I can't even take a selfie | Birthday Cake (chocolate ice cream inside) | I bought hot rollers, just because |

Wow that was long, anyway, hope you're having a lovely summer!
Take care. x


  1. Hey, I really love your blog! I've recently just started a fashion blog too, and I'd love it if you could maybe have a look? I've followed you because your taste is great and I think we have quite a lot in common hehe. Best wishes, Georgia x