Jun 9, 2013

D.I.Y. Lip scrub!

Hello everyone! So I was supposed to post this on frinday, but  apparently I don't know how to schedule a post ha ha... ANYWAY...

Here's my D.I.Y. Lip Scrub! yayy! So I did this like a month ago when I saw it on Maria's blog she's one of my bloggers , so here's my take on the D.I.Y.

When I did mine I didn't measure the ingredients, I just mixed until I was pleased with the texture and quantity.You'll need regular sugar or fine sugar, sugar will be your main exfoliant, you'll also need olive oil or conout oil to act as a moisturising, honey, food colorant and a container, I used a glass container from Gerber,I have tons cause my sister used to eat it when little.

First: Mix  the sugar and olive oil, until you have  a  good consistency.

Second: Add  the honey and mix, I used 2 spoons of honey.

Third: add 1 drop of food colorant, that'll be enough, I added red, but I was very tempted to add some green or blue haha

And finally: spoon your mixture into your container, look how good and cute looks, also don't try to eat it! it tastes funny with the olive oil... haha

As you can see is pretty simple to do a lip scrub, I did it cause I liked the way Maria did it, and also I haven't  seen a lip scrub here in M√©xico, I've seen some from Lush on other blogs but there's no Lush here so yeah. besides is quite cheap and you can do it in differente colors and have a fun and relaxing time.

Let me now if you did yours!
Have an awesome week! x.

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