Aug 13, 2013

Summer haul part III: Zara

Hiii! how's everyone? Here is the third and final part of my summer haul, I went to nearest Zara about 2 weeks ago, and I bought some really nice pieces, for some reason I bought shorts when I knew I needed it jeans and pants, but you know I couldn't resist, now, I know Zara is quite expensive,but that's why I wait for summer sales or winter to get some new pieces, and the prices are more reasonable once they're on sale haha sorry I just can't bring myself to pay $2000mxn or $200 dls for a jacket, sorry I'm a student and that's not in my budget. Some of the pieces seem very summery, but I think I can easily wear the over fall/winter, the weather in México is very strange right now, it rains every day...
So here it is...

This lime green top, I can wear it with jeans,shorts and skirts.and the texture is so nice.

Can't remember the name of this dress, but it looked so pretty when I tried on,so I had to get it, and I think I can wear this with tights over the winter.

This jumpsuit, I like the print, but I think it fits me a bit weird, like the top part is quite loose, but I can wear a tee underneath and it looks fine.

I couldn't resist these shorts, they're very very short, but still!

I've wanted black shorts for a really long time, and finally found these,they're prefect, and I feel like Taylor Swift when I wear them with my red flats haha 

My mom got me these! and I'm so in LOVE, they're super short, but I love them, they're very different from my usual clothes.

My mom also got me these stripped skirt, I saw one at other store but it was really pricey, but she find this one at another Zara store a week later, and I love it! haah like everything damn

And here are some suggestions of how to style the pieces, I find that if you see them online, is easier to picture them,and see how they would work with other pieces on your wardrobe, and see if they're really worth buying.

Oh here's this picture I found online, can you belive that line? well I do, I had to wait like 20mins to pay...

so this is it, for now, I hope you're all having a wonderful week! take care! x.