May 27, 2013

Music Monday.

Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing monday, much better than mine! I have so many final papers that i can't belive it, and I don't think 2 weeks are enough time, specially cause is team work, ugh not to be rude but it really annoys me, cause usually one or two member hardly work or do anything and why all the professors seem to think is such a good idea these kind of projects? anyway rant over.

I've been working all afternoon (finally) and I found some lovely playlists at 8track, all inspired by Paris! In case I haven't told you before one of my biggest dreams is to visit Paris and London, just like everyone else but hey! I'm in love with those cities even if I'm never been there...

So, enjoy! and feel the love, and if you're done with your finals congrats! I'm so jealous!

Have a lovely week! x.

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